A Day In Treatment

Kandela In The Morning

We like to start off our morning positive, shaking the residue off while we journey in a new way of life. Expect to be up early and to come and join us in a healthy, restoring breakfast. Typically if we are not holding a morning group, we start off our mornings getting into the right mind set engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, and/or prayer followed by conversation.

Kandela is centered on healthy habits and practicing healthy routines in our day to day life. By guiding you into a direction of routine and a new way to embrace life prepares you to fight those tough days and temptations when you discharge from our facility.

Once our breakfast has settled and we are in a clear thinking path, our group sessions begin being led by one of our counselors or therapists. Kandela’s focus of attention is to obtain clarity about the people, surroundings and issues that came about in your life that resulted in your behaviors becoming your way of coping with pain or stress. 

Daily group sessions and meetings will assist you to recognize the patterns of your behavior that can be changed, as well as recognizing your triggers and how to approach them so you can overcome those deceitful thoughts.

Kandela in the Evening

At the end of the day we come together as a family to sit back, relax and enjoy a gratifying dinner. In the evenings we like to have our patients have their own leisure time to do as pleased, as long as it is treatment appropriate. Taking the time to relax and take the knowledge learned to think on how they can apply them to their recovery journey. We also have Bingo, Karaoke, Cornhole, board games and more.

What Does Mental Health Treatment Entail?

There are numerous programs offered when entering a treatment facility. While each treatment facility programs vary, there are some specific rehab programs that most accredited treatment centers offer.

During the residential level of care, a patient is evaluated and stabilized. During this stage a patient and their loved ones learn about their diagnosis and begin to explore treatment plans for lifelong management.

While attending a mental health rehab, patients receive individual and group therapy sessions. These sessions aim to help individuals acclimate back into society and adjust to their medications. Patients identify people and situations that have fueled their mental health condition, and learn new, healthier coping tools.

Education is a core component of any treatment program. Those in early stages of recovery  find the skills taught to them in residential treatment programs invaluable. Patients learn how their conditions affect their bodies both physically and emotionally. Episode prevention education is a key component to any rehab educational program.

Those familiar with mental health treatment know all too well that mental wellness does not only affect the patient – it affects the patient’s entire family. Family meetings are strongly encouraged so members of the family understand that treating mental health conditions cannot be accomplished alone. Research indicates that including family and close friends into any treatment program significantly improves rehab outcomes for the individual being treated.

Residential treatment programs typically are several weeks to months in duration. This ensures that the patient remains in a structured environment, medication compliant and supervised by medical staff. Aftercare plans may include residence at a group house, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs), and alumni peer support. 

Ready To Start?

Are you tired of your mental health controlling your life? Are you ready to reclaim control? We’re available 24/7 at 1-888-307-1513. Your free, 100% confidential call is the best decision you can make. You’ll be connected with one of our friendly, and relatable, admissions coordinators. Your admissions coordinator will answer any questions you may have, assist in determining the best level of care for you and make arrangements for admission to our state-of-the-art rehab center!

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