Help for a loved one

Help for a loved one

Watching a family member or friend fight against addiction is devastating. Never blame yourself for the cause of one’s actions due to addiction. 

Be there to love them through thick and thin. Why are they feeling the way they are? Is there a mental illness behind the drugs/alcohol? Am I enabling him/her?

Having a positive mindset and Kandela’s professionals by your side makes the process easy and untroubled.

Never be too pushy to an individual that is fighting addiction, that can lead to actions or behaviors that could harm themselves or be permanent. An intervention is something Kandela helps individuals strategically plan to make it a smooth and serene process helping one get treatment. 

Helping a loved one recover can be difficult and isn’t the same for everybody, but the outcome that is achieved in the end is identical.

We welcome the chance to serve you.

You will discover our philosophy is deeply grounded in dignity, compassion, innovation and long-term success. We believe the parents and loved ones are an integral part of each patient’s recovery and that it is our duty to provide the tools and education to live a fulfilling life, free from the restrictions of substance abuse.

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