Help for professionals

Help for Professionals

Being a business owner or a crucial player in a corporation can seem very hard to achieve sobriety. Kandela allows for an individual to achieve long-term recovery while still being able to handle your responsibilities. 

Don’t allow work to be an excuse to change your life for the better. Does work cause you to pick up? Covering up feelings with drugs or alcohol? Does life seem too stressful to handle? Let us help. 

Kandela makes it easy for you allowing monitored phone calls and private rooms for work purposes. 

There is no reason to be hard on yourself, Kandela knows that work, life and family can be stressful at times. Understanding that substances don’t discriminate we have made it possible for professionals to get the help they need and still be able to handle life outside. 

There is no excuse to not achieve long-term recovery now. “I don’t have the time” is a line professionals like to use when it comes to getting sober. Kandela makes it so you have the time.

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