Maryann Ricci

Owner, Chief Financial Officer

As Founder & Chief Financial Officer of Flyland Recovery Network, Maryann Ricci possesses broad business acumen and supernatural creativity. Maryann founded Flyland Recovery Network to provide a safe and serene refuge for families to trust that their loved ones will get the care they need. Maryann and her family identify and relate wholeheartedly to what families are experiencing.

Ms. Ricci’s professional career began in the automotive and building construction industries, wherein her superb financial and accounting skills were honed. After multiple years in the aforementioned industries, Maryann realized her skills and creativity could better be used to assist families suffering from addiction. Maryann took a special interest in the environment of care at drug & alcohol treatment centers, where she began designing the interior of behavioral health facilities in 2017. Patients take special notice of Maryann’s eclectic vision and fueng shui design as, in some cases, they hand-write personal letters to thank her for the thought, compassion, and intention that resonate throughout her facilities. Being the daughter of a mother with a green thumb, Maryann is sure to utilize plant life throughout her centers for symbolism and lasting effect.

When Maryann is not serving individuals and families, she is busy being a mother to her two rambunctious boys. She also enjoys her hobbies of extreme couponing and gardening with her mother. 

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